Small Businesses Just Can’t Get a Break

May 16, 2010 by
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In November of 2008, I published A Small Business Owner’s Prayer for Obama naively hoping that, despite a recession, illiquidity, and change at any cost, small business would always be valued and nurtured as the sacred golden goose of job creation and innovation.  How wrong I was!

Today I think we small business owners are facing 3 threats.  Those threats are coming from the unholy alliance of big corporations and government.  Across political parties — both Republican and Democrat — there’s an increasingly toxic environment for small businesses, making it ever harder to be successful.

Our desire to innovate is being sapped by increasing taxes and compliance rules, not to mention vendor programs and slow paying government and corporate customers.  I call these the 3 Deadly Threats Against Small Businesses Today. Read them and my remedies, and tell me if you agree, or what your remedies are.



One Comment on Small Businesses Just Can’t Get a Break

  1. FredERIC MASSE on Mon, 17th May 2010 9:23 pm
  2. these are comments that a CEO you know well in Bridgeville would not agree with..How dare you criticizing his highness Barack and his lack of interest for small businesses…

    By the way, I hope your house search is going well and that you’ll be settled in Pittsburgh soon..

    A friend from Bridgeville … and France..

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