Ten Real Examples of Western Pennsylvania Companies Making Money on Marcellus – Part One

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The only thing more authentic in Western Pennsylvania than doing business with locals is our love of hunting and the Steelers. And when it comes to something new like Marcellus and positive proof that the shale-gas boom is generating results for businesses, it’s important for me to talk about companies you know, buy from, or whose owners you live next to.

So let me invite you, in Part One of my Dynamic Business column and in Part two in the next issue to review ten of my client companies making money because of the Marcellus Shale gas boom. Doing so will reveal ten different ways to create growth for your company.

General Products and Supply Inc., based in Export, Pennsylvania and known as a custom formulator and industrial supplier of cleaning supplies, has learned how to balance its energy-based, customer growth while serving its current, non-energy customers.

Creating separate efforts to serve these two markets has given General Products the stability and independence that results from diversifying customers across two, separate markets.

First Niagara Bank recently debuted a Marcellus Shale Roundtable series featuring exclusive content in an intimate, owners-only environment. First Niagara knows that owners need help to develop and implement growth strategies with the support of a peer group and expert advice.

Microseeps, a Harmar, Pennsylvania based specialty laboratory, offers advanced tools for groundwater testing. The company has grown its business by selling to direct, indirect and Tier 3 companies.

The customers of Microseeps want to know more about the efficacy of the groundwater in the land they work on or live on. They also want to be aware of any impurities in the groundwater and the sources of these impurities.

Microseeps has done a terrific job of becoming the go-to third party by setting technical standards to help define water quality for their customers.

Menard USA, in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, operates as a specialty subcontractor that provides ground-improvement services through its continuous modulus columns. These columns enable more efficient use of steel foundations and ultimately, the land itself. 

Menard USA has branded and differentiated its business to grow its margins. Specifically, the company has developed a series of educational Geo–Seminars to demonstrate to prospects and customers how their products outperform pilings.

WK Thomas, a construction-services firm in Butler, Pennsylvania has done a remarkable job of studying customers’ buying habits and of refocusing its offerings and services to meet new demand.

WK Thomas has grown its business dramatically by understanding that their steel-building business attracts companies interested in quickly erecting buildings to establishing physical presences in Western Pennsylvania.

What sets these companies apart is the ability of their leaders to recognize the value of serving companies directly involved in Marcellus drilling.



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