Ten Real Examples of Western Pennsylvania Companies Making Money on Marcellus – Part Two

November 24, 2012 by
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In part one of this two-part series, I recounted how five companies have thrived and grown by serving companies that serve the Marcellus Shale industry. Read on to learn about five more.

Interstate Pipe and Supply, a wonderful Butler, Pennsylvania– based distributor of plumbing and water piping has boosted its business simply by following the growth of its non-shale-gas customers. These customers are growing because of the Marcellus boom.

For every dollar spent in the direct construction of natural gas pipelines, companies are spending many dollars to develop water and sewer systems for subdivisions and for septic, commercial and other piping infrastructure.

Interstate sets a wonderful example of how your customer’s growth can boost your own businesses profitability.

Campos, Inc., located in downtown Pittsburgh, is the region’s leading provider of consumer and B2B insight for corporate clients.

The firm has helped large companies learn about how customers and Western Pennsylvania consumers understand and feel about the shale-gas boom and the firms operating in this space.

By teaching those interested in the shale-gas boom, Campos has become the go-to expert and brings added first-hand knowledge and insight to those firms interested in entering this market space.

Constant Contact, the newsletter-based online marketing company, has made a concerted effort to bring experts such as myself in front of their audiences. As such I have learned to follow companies and do business with those specifically interested in reaching out to audiences I speak to.

Constant Contact shows how fruitful it is to provide local audiences with information on Marcellus to help them make money.

Jamestown Coatings Technologies, in Jamestown, Pennsylvania is a specialty-coatings company with technologies that attract firms whose metal products are challenged to perform to higher levels under harsh conditions found in the energy sector.

Michael Walton, the fourth generation of his family to lead the firm, has done a wonderful job of focusing and adapting to changing environments to make sure his family business continues to grow as it sees fit and to remain independent.

Multiple Western Pennsylvania chambers of commerce and small business development centers like the Sharon, Greene, Washington and Westmoreland Chambers and the Riverside Center for Innovation have invested in speakers like me to educate and inform their members.

They’ve learned that charging for educational programs reaps far more value than offering knowledge for free. Doing so ensures greater commitment of their members to growing their Marcellus businesses.

It’s easy to see that companies of all kinds are starting to grow their businesses through the Marcellus shale, even if they have no specific knowledge of the shale-gas industry.

What distinguishes them is their courage and forward-thinking approach to growing their business.

So what’s holding you back?



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